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Whenever I find useful tools that make life easier I will share them here. The list below is entirely subjective as it is based on my own personal opinion.

2idi : identity services provider

asterisk : open source pbx

audacity : sound editor

BB flashback : next generation screen recording

bloglines : web RSS aggregator

blogbridge : desktop RSS aggregator

box : online storage : social bookmarks manager

drupal : content management platform

evernote : digital repository

filmloop : set your digital photos free

firefox : browser to rediscover the web

flock : new generation browser

freemind : mind mapping tool : metasearch service

gabbly : cloud chat service

google earth : 3D interface with the planet

icerocket : search engine

imagination cubed : collaborative drawing tool

joomla! : content management system

jotspot : the application wiki

liveplasma : music and movies discovery engine

mediaportal : mediacenter

netvibes : personalised home page

odeo : create and share podcasts

opml : outliner for the living web

podzinger : podcast search engine

rojo : web-based rss reader

skype : VOIP

sphere : weblog discovery engine

squeet : RSS feeds via email

teamspeak : communication system

technorati : search engine

tiddlywiki : reuseable non-linear personal web notebook

trillian : multi chat client

ubuntu : linux OS for human beings

vlc media player : cross-platform media player

wikio : next generation news tracker

wikipedia : the free encyclopedia anyone can edit

wink : screencast creator

winksite : mobile site builder

wordpress : personal publishing platform

world wind : Nasa desktop application

writeboard : collaberative writing online

writely : web word processor

xen : virtualisation software

zazzle : personalised products

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