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Last time someone tried this it was a disaster, but Wired News has boldly put an article about wikis into a Socialtext wiki for anyone to be a Wired editor:

Ross Mayfield points out a Wired News experiment in collaborative journalism worth following. Whether the story makes it on Sept 7th remains to be seen. Also good to learn that the talented Kevin Anderson is departing the BBC and joining Mssrs MacIntosh and Hammersley at the Guardian. Certainly promises to be quiet the Xmas party this year with these three musketeers. Kevin gives a flavour of what his new role entails below …

[To act as] a role model for the new, participative form of journalism emerging from the best blogs. The role won’t just be about encouraging more journalists and commentators to blog. It should also be about experimenting with different forms of community interaction, spotting opportunities to launch new blogs and develop existing ones, and helping us form a strategy.

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