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Interesting piece on Radio 4’s Today show with Tazmin Booth of the Economist, Alan Rusbridger of the Guardian and Simon Kelner of the Independent. The conversation was sparked by a two piece special report in the Economist looking at the future of the newspaper industry. Good to see and hear more open and public discussions taking place on the future of print in my travels. Things are changing at a much faster pace than many appear to realise or want to acknowledge. The coming golden age of media an increasing number of commentators are starting to refer to is already here and in full flow. Just as it was with golden ages from times past as I point out in the closing section of dino inc. Interesting times indeed.

UPDATE : Peter Preston joins the conversation

UPDATE 2 : Chris Tilk joins to the conversation

UPDATE 3 : Jemima at PaidContent joins the conversation

UPDATE 4 : John Heilemann on the NYT digital makeover

UPDATE 5 : Mark Pearson on developments down under


  1. Interesting links, thanks! Don’t know if you’ve seen this short clip called Epic 2014 by Robin Sloan for the Museum of Media History about the future of media, very interesting view of the future:

  2. Hi Twan, thanks for the link to Epic. Just added your feed to my reader. Always good to find new voices.

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  1. […] Jane Martinson’s interview with Les Hinton is rather insightful on a number of levels. When Rupert Murdoch referred to ‘the coming golden age of media’ back in April 2005 he was fully mindful of the fact that it was already here. The words ‘the time to run is when everyone else is standing’ come to mind. It is fair to say that Rupert and Les have a pretty good head start on many of their peers. Whether they successfully maintain that lead only time will tell. Interesting times indeed. […]

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