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Sony 101 online courses are offered online and are accessible from any computer with an Internet connection. Courses include two to eight lessons and may also include quizzes and assignments. These courses have a start and end date, and the course lessons post one at a time between those two dates. The first lesson of each course is available on the course start date, and the remaining lessons post twice a week until all lessons have been posted. Once a lesson has posted, it remains available on our site 24/7 until the course end date. The course ends about two weeks after the last lesson has posted. Although course lessons post one at a time, you can review all posted lessons at your own pace and at anytime of the day. During an active course session, you may interact with your fellow students and your instructor via the course message board.

After using the new Sony 101 personal online tutor site for a couple of days now it is certainly a step in the right direction. Utilizing screencasts and tools such as TeamSpeak would certainly enhance the interactive experience. While very early days yet it first impressions of this new community initiative by Sony are generally positive.

UPDATE : Current TV Survival Guide is also recommended


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