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What we’re seeing is not so much the death of criticism as the death of the culture of criticism, the culture in which a critic such as Pauline Kael — despite writing for a small circulation magazine like the New Yorker — could have a huge trickledown influence, not just with the chattering class, but with filmmakers and executives who hung on her every word, either in agony or ecstasy, depending on the verdict.

Patrick Goldstein has an interesting piece in today’s LATimes on the relevance of film critics in the knowledge age. It is as relevant to all fields of traditional expert commentary from politics to fashion. While Jeff Jarvis among others advocate change it is insightful to read the response from film critics themselves. In dino inc I refer to Robert Rodriguez and his role in reinventing the art of film-making and its knock on effect in transforming the film industry. Interesting times indeed.


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