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“Any time a company is 60 years old, it has to say to itself: Are the advantages of age outweighed by the weaknesses, and the weaknesses are that you get stuck in your ways and you get conservative? The opportunities to reinvent yourself are the ones that have to be taken,” Stringer said. “You adapt or you die.”

I discovered this ABC story by Yuri Kageyama on Sony via the newly repurposed Inform site which I learned about on Erick Schonfeld’s weblog (whose closing remark on Inform CTO Joseph Einhorn comment is recommended checking out). Yuri continues to provide great commentary on perceptions of Sony within Japan which is required to gain a fuller picture of its turnaround progress.

Since the first draft of dino inc I have been wrestling with how to accommodate the Sony story within two chapters titled ‘From six to three degrees of separation’ and ‘Faster but not smaller’. Today it was remixed and blended to become one within another chapter titled ‘Fight or flee to flow’ in the final draft. Which in hindsight seems entirely appropriate. Thanks for the inspiration Yuri.

UPDATE : Young Sam-Cho and Kyoko Suzuki join the conversation


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