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At the first meeting yesterday, I said that I thought that advertising, PR and marketing would converge into “communications”. That companies that created or improved good/great products would communicate with their users and that it was about getting involved in the conversation. It was not about spending money to force yourself in front of people who didn’t want to hear about your message. It was also not about charging people to participate in “content”. It was about people having conversation and about companies knowing when, how and where to say the right thing so that they contributed to the conversation and were welcome in it.

Two posts in my feedreader this morning were of particular personal relevance as I sit down to crank out the final draft of dino inc. Matt Linderman’s post over on 37 Signals drawing parallels between writing words and writing software and Joi Ito’s post on the launch of CGM Marketing. The former because of the length of time and number of rewrites dino inc has required and the latter because the time is right for dino inc. Interesting times indeed.


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