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I cringed when I read Kevin Turner’s quote “”Enterprise search is our business, it’s our house and Google is not going to take that business. Those people are not going to be allowed to take food off of our plate, because that is what they are intending to do.” I know what he meant…it just didn’t sound right.

Credit where credit is due to Don Dodge for calling out colleague Kevin Turner on his recent enterprise search remarks. Don goes on to state that “it is the customers house”. The days of being able to roll out “its not what they said but what they meant” after the event are numbered. Every person at every level within every organisation are now official spokespeople. In reality they always have been but in an unconnected world the impact of their statements rarely spread beyond their physical location. Protect this house was a enormously successful campaign for Under Armour whose products I have had the pleasure of wearing both on and off the field of play over the years. Lets leave the jock talk in business where it belongs – back in the 20th century.


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