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John Petter, BT’s chief operating officer, will start blogging in the next few weeks. He believes keeping an online journal offers a way to reach customers who are increasingly disillusioned with traditional public relations methods.

“They are suspicious of ‘corporate speak’ and they want it straight from the horse’s mouth,” he says. “Especially in a big company they want to know that someone is taking responsibility.”

Catching up on unread feeds it is good to see that Dell has decided to join the conversation. Having remarked before on the Dell – HP reversal of fortunes it will be interesting to follow how it evolves. Going by the mixed reception it has received todate its entry will be noisier than that of HP. Tom Braithwaite provides a timely update on the adoption of weblogs within the UK, While very early days yet it is a welcome step in the right direction. Saving the best for last I notice that the very talented Denise Howell is moving onto greener pastures. Denise is an IP and tech lawyer based in Newport Beach whose weblog I have been reading for a couple of years. Reed Smith’s loss is going to be somebody elses gain. Continued success Denise in your future.

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