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"The agency world, including us, (is) still too much organised along traditional silos," Glock says. "It's not co-ordinated. Holding companies have an opportunity to integrate and holistically offer service. What we don't need are 10 different agency types who all work on exactly the same thing." All roads lead to Rome when it comes to integration between communications disciplines, but Glock is clearly of the view that the chariot that will get the majority of his members there has not yet been built.

Catching up on coverage from the 53rd IAF Lara Sinclair's piece in The Australian caught my eye. When Berhard Glock, global media and communications manager for P&G, made the above statement many of his peers on the client side would have been nodding in agreement. The story of WPP, best told by its chief architect Sir Martin Sorrell, in many ways defined advertising as we have known it over the last two decades. Reading Sir Martin's remarks from a recent UK regional newspaper conference and Carlos Grande's piece from Cannes it will be interesting to see what part WPP plays in redefining advertising for the 21st century. More to follow …



  1. And did you hear about the fun performance by Sir Sorrell at Cannes? Really good!

    the advertising blogger from the Middle East

  2. Hi farrukh. Thanks for dropping by. Just checked out your site. Always good to discover a new voice from Dubai. Looking forward to reading more of your opinions on the state of the advertising industry in the Middle East.

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