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Look, brands are being knocked around by startling new marketing techniques–beyond screens–that companies don't always understand and whose effects they can't easily measure. (What's the ROI on installing super-clean bathrooms at state fairs, as P&G's Charmin so brilliantly does?) People are forming new, unshakable loyalties to brands on the basis of these experiential factors that even they can't always articulate.

Amusing piece over on Fast Company featuring Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi and Brian Collins, creative director at Ogilvy & Mather. They go head-to-head in a good humoured debate on brands. In many ways it reminded me of a visit to an aircraft assembly line many years ago where two engineers debated which was more important – the engines or the wings. The revolution and evolution of brands is something I discuss at length in dino inc.


  1. The bathroom example is an interesting one because it lacks measurability (is that a real word?), but when there is little real difference in good toilet paper, maybe installing clean bathrooms can pump out more sales. It seems like a good trial idea to me and with all of the other typical crappy event booths at state fairs, this one seems innovative. Hey – it is better than getting some crummy branded pencil.



  2. Hi Eric. Thanks for dropping by. Enjoyed your puns. Also noticed your name on a nomination awards list earlier. Congrats on making the shortlist.

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