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But in the truest sense of those words, Robert says he leaves Microsoft because his work there was done and he comes to PodTech to participate in a nascent industry that promises to go nova. IP-based digital media is more than–and will be more than–just a delivery mechanism.

Knowing when is the right time to move onto something new in life is a gift few possess and even fewer act upon. It is always great to see people moving on at the top of their game. Robert Scoble has just done so by announcing he is moving from Microsoft to PodTech. Reading through the many feeds which mention his move Cameron Reilly points to a 2003 post where Robert announced that he had swallowed the red pill. As with all good relationships Robert and Microsoft have been good for each other over the last three years. Despite never having had the pleasure of meeting Robert in person I have learned an enormous amount from him since starting to read his weblog. While I do not always agree with his points of view I have always respected them and been all the wiser for listening to them. Wishing Robert, Maryamie and Patrick continued success on your next adventure. Here’s hoping that it is everything you wish for and deserve.

UPDATE : PodTech founder John Furrier shares his thoughts on what he and Robert intend to build together

UPDATE 2 : Robert’s Channel 9 exit interview with Charles Torre


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