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It will be interesting to follow how Ebay's diverse micro-communities utilise their newly launched weblogs and wikis. Sign-up for both is straight forward and the about member created content page does a good job in differentiating each tools suitability for opinion and factual information. Its intro pages to tagging and RSS are well thought out. Reinterpreting Wiki as What I Know Is was particularly clever.

Last month Ebay launched its company and community weblog called The Chatter which is made up of five regular and two guest contributors. Given that Ebay is very much the original of the species in terms of commercial online communities it still faces a number of challenges in making the transition from 1.0 to 2.0 community tools.

While its options to enable members to connect directly have greatly increased its ecosystem has been shaped within a closed system over the last decade by five fundamental values which encapsulate respect and communication. Transitioning to an open system will test Alan Lewis and The Chatter teams nature and nurture skills to the limits on this most ambitious of projects. Best wishes to them on their journey which I look forward to following.


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