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The article explored the ways in which the amateur – defined as scientists, writers, photographers or anyone else working outside an organizational structure like a firm – has become an increasingly significant economic force in our world. This Web site will primarily continue that mission. Journalists regularly gather far more material than they can use. This was especially true in this case, and so the Web site will allow me to cast some light on the many fascinating people and ideas that didn’t make it into the article.

Jeff Howe has setup a new weblog to continue the conversation post his recent Wired article titled The Rise of Crowdsourcing. While the article introduces Crowdsourcing as a concept Jeff plans to use his weblog to dig deeper into its implications for society at large. Having enjoyed following Chris Anderson's concept of The Long Tail from Wired article to weblog to soon to be released book I look forward to joining Jeff on his quest. Subscribed.


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