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In place of a mainstream media, or at least alongside it, will be companies like his and the others that will inevitably follow, Curry believes. They offer what the mainstream media never would or could — a way for regular folk to create and consume their own media content.

"We don't have water cooler conversations anymore," said Curry. The mainstream media "is so diluted, so packaged, so predictable. There's so very little that is new or interesting. We've lost a lot of social connectedness that used to come from that. And what we're building here is a social media network for human beings."

Catching up on unread feeds Martin Miller has an interesting LA Times piece on Adam Curry and Ron Bloom's Podshow Inc. Also noticed that Mick Stanic, one of the cofounders of TPN, has called it quits and is moving on. Following in real-time Adam, Ron, Cameron and Mick pioneering the podcast network space from day one has been insightful in trying to gain a better understanding of where things maybe headed in the future. Having experienced my share of highs and lows in pioneering new spaces over the years I have nothing but the utmost of respect for all concerned. Continued success in your endeavours going forward and thanks for letting us tag along for the ride.


  1. Thanx Declan 🙂

    Hopefuly my next project will be just as “pioneering” and will also gather a few people who want to tag along for the ride as well.

  2. I’m sure it will be Mick – you’ve earned alot of respect for what you’ve acheived with TPN – looking forward to learning all about your next project when you are ready to share it with the world – keep the faith.

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