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They see things from more of a platform-and-capabilities perspective, sometimes to a fault. At the opposite end of the spectrum, like Apple with the iPod, that's a scenario-based design. They start with the user experience of listening to music and aim for the minimum necessary to accomplish that experience. Microsoft's culture is "Build it, and they will come." There are still a lot of people there who build technology that's very capable, but it isn't packaged in such a way that people see the value of it.

Catching up on unread feeds for the week Microsoft features strongly. The above Ray Ozzie quote from his interview with John Batelle sums up the current challenges within Microsoft. Watching Steve Ballmer's videocast with Roger McNamee and listening to his podcast with Michael Bazeley the words strategy before structure came to mind. Satisfactorily addressing this matter will determine whether Microsoft maintains institutional support above the $23 level. His declaration within the recent adCenter press release that Microsoft is evolving from a software to a media company has left more questions than answers. More to follow …

UPDATE : Dan Farber speaks with Roger McNamee after his chat with Steve Ballmer

UPDATE 2 : Investors call for cash reserves to be used for share buy back

UPDATE 3 : David Berlind joins the conversation 


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