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The company, once known for great service, has faced a rash of mistreated customers to the point, analysts said, that the problem was becoming part of consumers' perception of Dell.

Insightful piece by Damon Darlin in todays NYT on the decline of Dell and the turnaround of HP. When Mark Hurd was named successor to Carly Fiorina as CEO of HP in early 2005 I knew nothing about him. So I did what is always best to do in such situations and asked someone who worked with Mark for a number of years. The response was direct and to the point. He will get them focused but this is a political job as much as anything else. Very difficult. Well it certainly appears that Mark is succeeding on both scores with HPs share price up 60% since he took the reins. All eyes are on the Q1 numbers Dell and HP report next Tuesday and Thursday respectively. What a difference a year makes in the reversal of fortunes. Kevin Rollins has learned the hard way how quickly perception becomes reality in a connected world.

UPDATE : Dan Farber shares the essence of Michael Dell's FiR interview

UPDATE 2 : Peter Burrows explains Randy Mott's role at HP

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  1. […] Catching up on unread feeds it is good to see that Dell has decided to join the conversation. Having remarked before on the Dell – HP reversal of fortunes it will be interesting to follow how it evolves. Going by the mixed reception it has received todate its entry will be noisier than that of HP. Tom Braithwaite provides a timely update on the adoption of weblogs within the UK, While very early days yet it is a welcome step in the right direction. Saving the best of last I notice that the very talented Denise Howell is moving onto greener pastures. Denise is an IP and tech lawyer based in Newport Beach whose weblog I have been reading for a couple of years. Reed Smith’s loss is going to be somebody elses gain. Continued success to Denise in your next chapter of life. […]

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