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There are over 30 million blogs, and counting. With so many people reading, writing, and commenting on blogs (where do we find the time?), getting to the high-quality, relevant content on a timely basis is difficult. For a variety of boring, complex technical reasons (such as an exclusive emphasis on freshness, or a simplistic computation of "authority" or the inability to identify spam), other blog search services deliver less-than-satisfying results.

Congratulations to Tony and all the Sphere team on going live today. As an early beta tester of the weblog discovery engine I have watched it come on in leaps and bounds since first trying it. Results have become significantly more authoritative, relevant and timely over the last three months. So much so that it has moved from my sandbox to my toolbox. Michael Arrington and Nik Cubrilovic chat with CEO Tony Conrad and advisor Toni Schneider about the past, present and future for Sphere. Ryan Freitas at design gurus Adaptive Path recently shared how they helped develop and refine the offering. Make sure to tryout the excellent bookmarklet feature and checkout their weblog to keep in touch with future developments.


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