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Ashley Highfield, the BBC's Director of New Media & Technology, today outlined the key challenges facing the division in a presentation to staff entitled 'Beyond Broadcast' as part of the BBC's 'Creative Future' strategy.

The presentation defined a clear vision for the future. Ashley Highfield says: "Everything we do here is around technology innovation, to keep the BBC relevant in the digital age."

All the audience-facing services the division is planning to launch fall into three main categories: Find, Play and Share. Internally, all of the initiatives are about transforming the production process and enabling programme makers.

It seems rather fitting that Auntie is leading the charge into the coming golden age of media. Delighted to learn that they have a talented facilitator on board for the ride. Having just completed a couple of days living in 2010 where attention, intention, gestures and clickstreams were all on the menu the expression objects on the horizon are much closer than they appear seems very relevant. Metadata within affinity groups and micro communities is rapidly becoming a very valuable commodity indeed. Onwards.

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