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many of the MMO luminaries who’d been taking rather divergent opinions up to that point decided that there were a few things on which they could agree. For example, everyone agreed that AI is going to be a major area of MMO innovation in coming years. So doing that Second Life experiment might be a good proof of concept. Also, on a rather different note, there seemed to be agreement that an MMO boom/bust is in the wings. Lots of venture capital people seem to be looking for a way to replicate WoW’s success — and, of course, there’s probably not enough audience to keep most of those high-flying projects going. Meanwhile, those assembled were more interested in ways of making an ecology of niche MMOs sustainable than in the WoW-inspired pursuit of the next blockbuster.

For those interested in the future of Networked Multiplayer Games I recommend reading Noah Wardrip Fruin's post from yesterdays UCI Massive gathering.


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