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Monthly Archives: April 2006

We, the former audience, have been freed from the constraints of the manufacturing model of the 20th Century. And, more and more, we are taking advantage of our liberation … We can roll our own reports, from whatever sources of traditional and nontraditional media we wish, based on our own choices and recommendations from others.

Even better, we can join the emergent conversation. We can talk about and with the professionals, at least some of them. And if we wish — as more and more people do — we can create our own content and conversations. Not much of that latter effort is journalism in any traditional sense, but some of it plainly is, and amid the noise of the rest there is a great deal of signal, if we can just find and identify it.

Dan Gillmor has posted a transcript of his speech at Columbia University this week. On my travels I have recommended Dan's book We the media since its publication back in 2004. It has proved to be a great conversation starter as people tune into the concept of citizen media and its implications for the future of mainstream media. All of the above is recommended reading and food for thought.