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Just finished an intensive 3 day facilitation session with a media player getting to grips with the realities of transitioning to a digital world. Catching up on unread feeds the push back of Vista's launch is everywhere. This is more a people than a product story to me. It is not those who are gone but not forgotten that Bill Gates needs to be thinking about. It is those who are forgotten but not gone. Now that Microsoft has awoken from its slumber and decided on its future direction there are approx 10,000 heads that need to be stripped out of the existing organisation. Cleaning house needs to start at the top and everyone should be let known in no uncertain terms that this years annual reviews are going to be re-entry interviews for every individual within the organisation. If people are not on board with the new direction then its time for them to move on or be removed. Time for some tough love at Microsoft if it is to face its moment of truth and remain relevant over the next decade. Interesting times ahead.

UPDATE : Jack Schofield and Charles Arthur ask what's eating Microsoft?


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