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what takes place in massively multiplayer online games is what we call accidental learning. It's learning to be – a natural byproduct of adjusting to a new culture – as opposed to learning about. Where traditional learning is based on the execution of carefully graded challenges, accidental learning relies on failure. Virtual environments are safe platforms for trial and error. The chance of failure is high, but the cost is low and the lessons learned are immediate.

Having played outdoor team sports from an early age I never had time to get into gaming like many of my friends. However WOW and Second Life have sparked my curiosity over the last year. John Seely Brown and Douglas Thomas have an interesting piece in this months Wired magazine. There are a multitude of opportunities for MMORPG within organisations in the 21C. Dan Farber wrote about a new startup called Seriosity earlier this month who plan to pioneer this space and are currently in stealth mode. Second Life founders Philip Rosendale and Cory Ondrejka recently gave a Google Tech Talk which is worth watching if all of this is new to you. Runtime is one hour. More to follow …

UPDATE : Second Life raises additional $11m in funding led by Globespan Capital Partners

UPDATE 2 : Daniel Terdiman on digital identity creators Electric Sheep


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