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The 163-year-old Economist, which insists on calling itself a newspaper, holds a unique place in weekly news journalism. At a time when many of its rivals are facing plummeting sales and pressure to dumb down, it has remained in rude financial health by offering pungent analyses of global politics and business, all while remaining true to the internationalist, free-trade ideals of the Scottish hat maker who founded it, James Wilson. It is read by some of the world’s most influential leaders, yet its writers (who have included the spy Kim Philby and prime minister H.H. Asquith) have remained shrouded behind its famously unsigned articles.

Emiko Terazono has an insightful FT interview with Bill Emmott, outgoing editor of The Economist. Under Bills tenure over the last decade circulation has doubled from 500,000 to a million. Pretty impressive considering magazine figures globally are in decline. Recommended reading. Best wishes to Bill on his next adventure.

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