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Why do I love a book so much, if it contradicts my own book? Have I renounced the theories I put forward in the Tipping Point? I have two answers. The first—obvious—point is that it is not necessary to agree with everything you read in a book to like that book. I have a number of problems with several chapters in Freakonomics, because I find the way in which economists approach problems occasionally frustrating. That being said, it’s very difficult to read Freakonomics and not find yourself saying “wow” every five minutes. I loved it.

Interesting Malcolm Gladwell post where he shares his thoughts on Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner’s bestseller Freakonomics. For those who have not seen the book there is a glowing endorsement from Malcolm on its cover. One of Malcolms strengths as a writer is his ability to maintain an open mind by respecting differing points of view. Yet another great example of seeking to explain instead of excuse. Recommended reading.


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