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Some of the best advice my father gave me when I was growing up was “always be in the know.” His way of “being in the know” was reading omnivorously.

Delighted to learn that Harold Burson, one of the true gentlemen within the world of PR, has started a weblog. Looking forward to Harold sharing his experiences for many years to come.

User generated content is going to continue to proliferate as the eight year olds of the world create MySpace pages and blogs and skate stores. Who knows what they’ll create when they are nine.

The name Ollie Hornick is one to file away for future reference. VC David Hornick tells a great story about how his son Ollie conceived, believed and achieved his project in record breaking time. Looks like Mrs. H. could be worth getting on board as an advisor before going to pitch David đŸ˜‰ The mind boggles at what Ollie and Harold would achieve should they ever get together.


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