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In his new role, he will develop the ways that FT readers can interact with the title, including polls, discussions, forums, podcasts, interactive graphics and blogs, all on the website.

It will be interesting to see what Rob Minto does with in his new role. While the FT print edition has consistently maintained its high standards over the last 2 decades its online offering todate has been disappointing to say the least. Simply replicating content online from the print edition, the recent addition of RSS feeds, Lucy Kellaway’s podcast and a digital edition of its weekend magazine falls far short of what I’ve come to expect from the FT over the years. Heres hoping Rob enriches the experience to its full potential. Hat tip to Brand Republic for the story.



  1. I agree. needs to do a lot more for its readers, and I hope to push the site into some very interesting areas. We already do a lot more than simply replicate the newspaper. Our online Q&As often provide stories for the paper, which is a good example of the content “going the other way”.

    It’s early days with podcasting, which we will develop further. We also have a new economist’s forum, hosted by Martin Wolf, where the world’s senior economists will engage in a lively debate.

    We also recently featured a whole series of audiovisual interviews and reports from the World Economic Forum in Davos, which gave a very different view on the event than you get from the newspaper.

    Overall, is already a more than just the newspaper online, but there is plenty more we can do.

  2. Hi Rob. Thanks for dropping by. Yes I have read Charlies weblog since Jan 11th, listened to Martins first podcast, followed coverage from Davos and should have mentioned your longtime online Q&A’s. And still expect so much more.

    Given the wealth of talent throughout the FT community the raw ingredients are in place to co-create a very unique experience. Like many loyal FT readers I have come to expect nothing but the best from all of your offerings.

    Rest assured I will be the very first to sing your praise when it merits doing so. Your current offering merely raises the occasional whistle. Looking forward to the evoution of Would really help if you had your own personal weblog so that we could join in the conversation along the way. Best wishes in your new role.

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