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The evolution of advertising, PR and marketing services enabled by technology I have been banging on about since 1998 is now in full swing. Over the last ten days I’ve been approached by two VC’s each looking for a stake in Fulfil. What sparked their interest? Well it turns out that a new US marketing services provider called Bazaarvoice recently raised $4m in first round venture capital funding. Each of the VC’s are developing software within the same space and are looking to bolt it onto a front end marketing services provider. How did they find out about Fulfil? They have been reading my weblog. While flattered by the attention technology alone is not some magic bullet. Marc Canter put it best recently when responding to Dave Winer …

It’s what WE do WITH all this software that counts. Sometimes that’s called content, other times community, still other times profits. It’s sort of like the relationship of a noun to a verb. We both need each other.

UPDATE : Steve + Doc have figured it out – Stowe has yet too … but will with time

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