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I have followed with interest developments at the since its Executive Editor Jim Brady decided to shut off comments indefinitely last Thursday. As a longtime WP reader I immediately took Jim up on his invitation to email feedback on the issue. On Friday Jim participated in a Q&A with Jay Rosen and made himself available for a Live Onlines session. Jeff Jarvis joined the conversation yesterday and outlined what he will share with Jim in a planned roundtable chat tomorrow. In less than a week the conversation has moved from being heated to being constructive. Internet time is truely a great thing when people are open to participate in the conversation and talk things out. Heres hoping that the conversation continues as there are a multitude of lessons to be learned from this event for all sides. If you get the time it is worth reading both the posts and the comments for each of the above conversations. Ben Hammersley’s insightful presentation on how new social norms have emerged from the introduction of new forms of communication down through the ages comes to mind yet again. More to follow …

UPDATE : live Q&A – Wed. 25th January 2006

UPDATE 2 : Jim Brady shares his views on blog rage post the experience

UPDATE 3 : Neil McIntosh, editor at Guardian Unlimited, joins the conversation


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  1. […] Catching up on unread feeds I noticed that Jim Brady, editor at, recently announced that comments would be allowed from registered users. Having followed with interest developments back in January it is good to see that Jim and his team have listened and learned from the experience. The above quotation from Andrew Cohen's post sharing his thoughts on the learning curve speaks volumes. […]

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