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I wrote an earlier post about the growing interest in evangelism within organisations. Guy Kawasaki yesterday offered his fundamental principles of evangelism which prompted Robert Scoble to write I’m not a Guy kind of Evangelist. If you are not familiar with the Mac / Microsoft story from days past let me just say that there is a lot of history here. That aside both posts and comments make interesting reading. Just as in facilitation there are no clones. People develop their own styles which work within some environments and not within others. No one person has all the answers. Trying to be all things to all people rarely if ever works in life. What a boring place this world would be if we were all the same. That said the old way of thinking about being ‘either independent or dependent’ is giving way to a new way of thinking about being ‘both independent and interdependent’. An old mentor of mine put it best when she said ‘from diversity comes harmony’. And that is something very much to be welcome.

UPDATE : Tara Hunt joins the conversation


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