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Delighted to see that Doug Kaye, founder of IT Conversations, has chosen to close down the Tip Jar and replace it with a public-radio style paid membership to support the growth of The Conversations Network, his new non-profit network. As Doug wrote back in December

Its a risky transition, but one we have to make in order to move to the next phase of listener-supported audio on the Net … We want to expand our concept beyond IT into…well, quite frankly, everything. With the help of a small number of underwritiers, I’ve been footing the bill for the IT Conversations infrastructure and my own (full) time work for more than 2.5 years, but I can’t expect that of others, so The Conversations Network must become a real business that can stand on its own two feet in every way.

IT Conversations has always been about so much more than merely IT. Doug has provided universal open access to conversations which are changing our world in realtime. I wish all The Conversations Network team continued success in your new chapter and highly recommend dropping by to sample their wares. If you like what you hear show your appreciation and support by taking out membership.


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