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Lots of conversations over the last couple of days about two thirty someythings who have been appointed to senior roles within publicly listed organisations. 33 years young Jeremy Phillips will head up News Corp’s internet strategy and investments. 38 years young Andy Hornby will be the next CEO of HBOS. While the traditional world of banking may at first appear to be far removed from the glitzy world of media in reality both sectors are undergoing major transformations as they enter the digital age. To those who have expressed surprise at the youthfulness of both appointments I have reminded them that leadership is not defined by age but by attitude. Something both gentlemen have in abundance. Jeremy is tasked with “transforming News Corp into a global digital powerhouse” while many will compare Andys performance against that of his peer Fred Goodwin at RBS. New ways of thinking are required in a digital world which are challenging organisations capabilities and adaptabilities. Youthful appointments will become more the norm as the world becomes a more connected place. The leadership skillsets required in an open world of the 21st century differ from those acquired in a closed world of the 20th century. Interesting days ahead.


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