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Great to see that Guy Kawasaki has decided to join the conversation. I wrote about why I have alot of time for Guy in this post back in November. After reading his latest post on mantras versus missions I was immediately reminded of a former section on the Garage website called stories from hell. Thanks to the wayback machine it is possible to go back in time and view the postings. I still refer start ups to it whenever a member enters the world of egology. Some choose to learn lessons from the errors of others and re-enter the world of ecology while others choose to ignore the warnings and repeat the feat of crashing and burning. Many of the stories are examples of where mis communications unaddressed early on may lead and why you occasionally do need to bring someone in from outside who knows nothing about your business and gets everyone to honestly look at themselves in the mirror. A good facilitator will get people to face their moment of truth by both providing the open space and proactively holding the circle. It is up to each of the people who attend to choose whether to participate or not. This is something Guy does quite naturally with start ups he chooses to work with by carefully screening them before hand. However it becomes increasingly more difficult to do as the organisation grows over 150 people. Hat tip to memeorandum for the link.

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