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I am urging that we should learn about people in other places, take an interest in their civilizations, their arguments, their errors, their achievements, not because that will bring us to agreement but because it will help us get used to one another – something we have a powerful need to do in this globalized era. If that is the aim, then the fact that we have all these opportunities for disagreement about values need not put us off. Understanding one another may be hard; it can certainly be interesting. But it doesn’t require that we come to agreement.

Interesting piece titled The case for contamination in todays NYT magazine (free registration required to view). It is an essay adapted from an upcoming book Cosmopolitanism : Ethics in a world of strangers written by Kwame Anthony Appiah, a philosopher who teaches at Princeton University. There are a couple of observations very relevant to my last post. For now I will merely point to the essay and comment on it later in the week. Recommended reading.

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