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In 1997 I was fortunate enough to have a friend open my eyes to the role technology would play in enabling a better world for everyone. Since then I have taken time out once a quarter away from phones, emails, IMs, and faxes (yes believe it or not some people still do use them) to reflect on how our world is changing. Nothing grows in nature without resistance. It has taken a couple of years longer than I originally hoped but 2006 is going to be the year that many opportunities will move from being merely probable to possible. As we move from an “either or” mindset to a “yes and” worldview the question why is going to be asked alot more. It is going to make for some very uncomfortable moments of truth and self reflection at all levels. However it is all part and parcel of entering a new age of revolution and evolution. Traditional 5 year cycles will start to give way to one year spins. Despite many peoples belief to the contrary a faster world will not make the world a smaller place. More to follow on each of the above thoughts. For now wishing you and yours good health, wealth and happiness in 2006.

UPDATE : Doug Sundheim on the age-old wisdom of the “5 whys”.


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  1. […] Catching up on an some reading Malcolm Gladwell's New Yorker piece on Charles Tilly's new book 'Why' registered. Malcolms continues the conversation over on his weblog in this post talking specifically about focus groups. Some interesting comments follow and are recommended reading. As someone who has been thinking aloud about 2006 the year of why and seeking to explain instead of excuse I look forward to reading Tilley's book. […]

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