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There is nothing quite like an impromptu dinner with a group of complete strangers which turns into an all night conversation about the world at large and is only brought to a close by the rising of the sun. The last twelve hours have been such an occasion. I was invited to a private discussion on this years Suntop Media Thinkers 50 and what (if any) role each of its gurus played in shaping our past, our present and our future. Our host is currently writing a book on the subject and had told each of his very diverse group of ten guests from five continents to simply bring along an open mind. While duty bound to silence there were some fascinating conversations around American gurus who tended to be observers and European gurus who tended to be practitioners. One offering that ‘Michael Porter was a guru behind our times, Tom Peters was a guru of our times and Peter Drucker (RIP) was a guru ahead of our times’ significantly raised the temperature in the room. As we parted ways our host remarked ‘how wonderful to have been in the company of experts on being an expert on experts’. Indeed.


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