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Four interns are brought into Manhattan and given 12 weeks to design, develop, debug and ship a program that will change the way computer geeks around the world fix their friends’ computers. Boondoggle Films presents a journey through the world of software development from the perspective of a unique upstart, four quirky interns, and the world of The Geek.

An early holiday gift arrived by DHL today. It was from a good friend in NY who can always be relied upon to lead me astray when in town. Thxs Tina!! Looking forward to catching up in 2006. Having not heard of the DVD title before I had no idea what to expect but thoroughly enjoyed it. Trailer here – story behind it here – costs of making it here – order it here. As an added bonus I’ve discovered a very cool looking tool to test drive over the holidays. Fog Creek Copilot looks perfect for friends and family remote tech support.

UPDATE : Now available to buy and watch on Google video here.

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