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It is that time of the year again when “how do we replicate Silicon Valley here?” is the question du jour. The World Knowledge Competitive Index 2005 annual report came out on Monday and emails + calls have been steadliy streaming in since.

It is always amusing to meet people who have flown into SFO, grabbed a hire car, driven around some of the commerical parks, up and down Sand Hill Road, popped into Bucks of Woodside and come back to proudly announce there is nothing special there that we cannot recreate here.

This year I’ve been telling people to read, listen to the passion of serial entrepreneur David Sifry in this 106 Miles podcast, watch the archived webcasts from AO2005 : Innovation Summit and checkout Eric Rices videoblog interview with Jamis at Bucks. Those who have gotten back to me so far have thankfully realised that its all about the people within the ecosystem that is Silicon Valley.

For those interested there is 50% off the AO2006 : Innovation Summit ticket price for bookings before December 31st 2005. Just remember if you want money ask for advice, if you want advice ask for money and when you get the money always remember the post title. Those of you who listened to the 106 Miles podcast will know what I’m talking about. For those who did not you are missing out on some great words of wisdom.


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