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Interesting conversation with Microsoft CTO Ray Ozzie over on ACM Queue. Good reality check for those frustrated by the speed with which large enterprises are moving to adopt current innovations.

Sadly, I think enterprises have a lot of issues going on inside them that make it very difficult to embrace some of these innovations. Frankly, the path that we’re on leads one to believe that a lot of the benefits of these innovations are accruing to small businesses and individuals much more readily than enterprises.

Which is what IMHO is going to trigger the relaxation of some of the more restrictive compliance requirements within Sarbanes-Oxley in 2006. Wholely agree with his statement that …

Technology can assist the change, but it can’t make it happen on its own. People really have to understand what the role of technology and the role of leadership are when it comes to effecting change within corporations.

Hard to believe Ray is only 50 years young this month. Recommended reading in full. Hat tip to Mary Jo Foley for the link.


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