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Boost Digital is dedicated to giving independent filmmakers and musicians a distribution platform to show their work to the world. A platform where the work stands and falls on the individual talent of the artist, not on who they happen to know, where they happen to live, or which parties they happen to be lucky enough to attend. Now, thanks to Boost Digital, independent artists anywhere in the world can get their art seen and heard by the highest echelon of industry professionals, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, streamed for FREE on the world wide web.

There seems to be no end to the stream of creativity emanating from Oz these days. Hi-5 is taking the childrens TV market by storm. The Podcast Network was first to launch into the brave new world of podcasting back in January. Now the latest wizard on the scene is an on-line content portal called Boost Digital. Knowing how the entertainment industry has traditionally operated Boost Digital is a glimpse of the bright future which lies ahead in a digital world. It makes me wonder how many more years hopefuls will continue to attend events such as the Screenwriting Expo for a shot at making it in the entertainment industry. The days of Hollywood remaining the gatekeeper and center of the entertainment universe are numbered. Best wishes to all the Boost Digital team in your new venture. AK if you are reading this I trust last Junes conversation now makes sense. 🙂



  1. I love your story on the creativity wizards from Oz. Boost Digital is another great example of Australian talant.

    My kids love Boost Digital. New music, Games and kids radio.

    The Boost Digital Oz team are leading the new world of digital entertainment.

    Great to see such great talant from down under…

    Keep up the great work Boost Digital.


    Virginia McManus

  2. Hi Virginia. Thanks for dropping by. Impressed with the Fresh Express Boost Digital Student Entertainment On Line Digital Arts Festival. Spreading the word.

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