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Light posting here this month to give me a shot at meeting the Nov. 30th deadline for Dino Inc. There have been some classic car chases in film over the years with Bullitt (1968), The French Connection (1971) and Ronin (1998) some of the all time greats. However one of the most infamous is a 9 minute short called c’etait un rendezvous. The story goes that French director Claude Lelouch had ten minutes of unused film left after finishing a movie in 1976. Before returning a gyro-stabilized camera rented for the movie he attached it to the bumper of his newly acquired Ferrari 275 GTB and asked ‘a friend’ and formula one driver to drive from Porte Dauphine to the Basilica of Sacre Coeur at dawn. After being refused permission for a permit to do so he decided to go ahead anyway. You can watch the 9 minute end result here. The short movie has become somewhat of an urban legend over the years provoking much debate. Hat tip to Jerry Kindall for the links. As someone who is currently helping ‘a friend’ prepare for an 8 day event in 2006 I an posting this in the hope that it will inspire a ‘certain mechanic’ *cough* Jason *cough* to get that engine singing in time for the off. 😉


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