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I’d like to show you the coolest thing I’ve seen since Macintosh: FilmLoop. It is a photo broadcasting (“photocasting”) system–enabling you to push pictures to people (as opposed to push people to pictures). It’s photo sharing on steroids.

The above quote is the intro to an email I received from Guy Kawasaki on Friday. FilmLoop had already caught my attention at Demo Fall 2005. After playing with FilmLoop over the weekend it has moved from my sandbox to my toolbox. You can download Filmloop here.

Every year a couple of new words enter an organisations vocabulary. This year one of those words is evangelist. Guy is the original of the species who wrote the playbook back in his Mac days. Every startup I work with is given a copy of Guys excellent book The Art of the Start. This unedited interview speaks volumes about Guy and displays some of the qualities that an evangelist posesses – passionate, personable, knowledgeable and fun loving. With ever increasing coverage (such as this article in the FT last week) more decision makers within organisations are becoming aware of the role of evangelists and joining the conversation. More to follow …

UPDATE : Jackie Huba joins the conversation

UPDATE 2 : James Pethokoukis at joins the conversation



  1. I’m using FilmLoop and agree its a very cool service/app. And, I agree with the comments on Guy Kawasaki. Not too sure I’d agree that the term “evangelist” is just making it into the organizational lexicon – perhaps true outside the world of high tech.

  2. Hi Chris. Checked out your recent post ‘Robert Scoble – Devils Henchman or Devils Advocate’. Given Robert’s recent coverage within the mainstream media more organisations are contacting me mistakingly believing that all they need to do is appoint someone with the title “evangelist”, click their heels three times and all their problems will be magically solved. I wrote this post with the decision makers of those organisations specifically in mind. “Evangelist” is not merely a title within an organisation but a state of mind throughout an organisation. Organisations will learn alot from the world of high tech as they enter the digital age.

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  1. […] Guy Kawasaki, the first technical evangelist when he worked for Apple, has a recent post The Art of Evangelism. Declan Elliott has some good thoughts and links on the topic. Guy’s approach is a little too “religious” for my taste, but it works for him as well as the causes he evangelizes (you can, of course, tune the message to your customers’ taste). […]

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