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Following the real time blogging coverage of by Dave Winer, Dan Farber and Michael Arrington yesterday was a real treat. When I started viewing Niall Kennedys live photo postings to Flickr I had my first deja vu moment. Back during the heady days of the Euro telco bubble, operators outbid each other to the tune of £71bn for 3G licences across Europe, with £22.5bn of this spent in the UK alone. After the dust had settled on the morning after the night before the winning bidders began to sober up to the fact that they rapidly needed to figure out how they were going to generate a return on some very pricey licences. I was asked to help out in designing a facilitation program for one of the operators which would enable them to build a road map to take them from 2G to 3G. When I first saw the slides used yesterday I was immediately reminded of the early rodamap slides used five years ago. The second deja vu moment came when I went to checkout This was surely Back in September 2005 Fred Wilson wrote a post titled ‘Is Bill Gates the cat with nine lives?’. On yesterdays performance it looks as if Microsoft has awoken from its slumber and is getting in the game. 2006 is going to be a very, very interesting year.

UPDATE : Tim O’Reillys take on

UPDATE 2 : Charlene Li joins the conversation

UPDATE 3 : Bill Gate’s email and Ray Ozzie’s memo

UPDATE 4 : Geoff Moore joins the conversation


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