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Well after much mulling about whether or not to enter the 2005 National Novel Writing Month I’ve decided to go for it again this year. Whether I manage to repeat the feat again this year remains to be seen. The novel is going to be called Dino Inc. With only time to write 560 words today I’m going to have to really change gears if I’m to hit the 50,000 words by midnight, November 30th 2005. In for a penny in for a pound. Lets see how it goes. Rest assured I shall not be live posting any of it here. Will keep a running word total update on this post for those interested.

Day 2 : 4:00am start – 1,934 words before 7:00am – getting back on track

Day 3 : zippo written today – clear dance card for weekend to catch up

Day 4 : up to 3,561 words thanks to some advice from an XP friend

Nov. 27th 2005 : After writing from 04:00-07:00 and 19:00-22:00 on weekdays and virtually fulltime every weekend since Nov. 4th I have written 52,908 words. To those who have complained about how unsocial I have been over the month of November rest assured I am back and my Skype ‘do not disturb’ will be now removed. 🙂 I’d forgotten how solitary a pursuit writing maybe. It has proved to be as challenging as last year and just as enjoyable. Never again … at least not until next year.


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  1. By Deaglan on WordPress » The perfect storm on 22 Feb 2006 at 5:41 pm

    […] Posting has been on the light side of late as there is rather alot ongoing at the moment. I’ve decided that dino inc is going to see the light of day after all and will be published as a blook in multiple text and audio formats. Talks have begun about Fulfil’s next chapter which promises to be extremely exciting. Lastly ‘mydigibank’ project I’ve been banging on about for longer than I care to remember is finally within reach. The perfect storm. More to follow …   […]

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