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Since the mid-nineties, book after book has appeared, each claiming to hold the secret of what makes the perfect leader. We are now entering a time when people are seeking to better understand the role of followership. People are re-awakening to the fact that we only get better leaders when we become better followers. Whether we ever get to a world of fellowship remains to be seen. A quick search on returns 17,879 titles on Leadership, 21 titles on followership and 2,716 titles on Fellowship. The first time I used the word Followership back in 2000 I was admonished in some quarters for using a word with deep religious connections. Strange how some people in their politically correct (PC) world view try to claim ownership over certain words and dictate when, where, why and how these words may be used. Sticks and stones may break our bones but words should never hurt us. We need to move beyond the PC world that has emerged over the last decade and return to the world of conversations. Looking at the ever increasing use of the word evangelist on weblogs at present things are changing and for the better. Let the roll back continue. More to follow …


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