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A mentor of mine from earlier times has repeatedly asked me to speak with his very stressed out CEO. We finally caught up on the phone today after playing telephone tag for the last couple of weeks. He was rushing from checkin to the boarding gate when he phoned. Panting heavily he introduced himself, explained that he was running late for a flight, had less than a minute before he had to hang up and would like to ask me three questions. Shot I replied.

CEO : What are you?

self : I am awake.

CEO : Right … well … what special talent do you have?

self : I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.

CEO : Ok … so … what do you do?

self : I help organisations to help themselves.

And that was the end of our telephone call. Now I could tell from the CEO’s reaction that he had never heard these words before. You see only one of the answers were words I constructed. Answer one was Siddhartha Gautama. Answer two was Albert Einstein. Answer three was yours truly. The CEO is now on a 12 hour flight. I have no idea what if anything at this moment is going through his mind after our telephone call. However I gaurantee that my friend has an interesting conversation ahead of him when his CEO lands. More to follow …

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  1. Great responses, and thank God for the 12-hour flight. Any shorter, it would never have sunk in. Now he will contemplate …

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