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The Real Meaning of Life wasn’t written by an expert. It isn’t the culmination of painstaking self-study or a sudden breakthrough. Instead, this fascinating book collects the insights of everyday people who responded to NYU freshman David Seaman’s simple query, “What is the meaning of life?”

Last October I read on Evan Williams weblog a post titled Real Meaning of Life. It turned out to be a project started by a first-year humanities student at NYU called David Seaman. He had setup a weblog to collect peoples thoughts on the real meaning of life. I entered my thoughts into the comments along with everyone else and forgot all about it. Arriving early before a meeting yesterday I paid my usual trip to a bookstore around the corner. When I saw a book by the same title it immediately registered. So I picked it up and there it was among the 272 selected for publication. Well done David for getting published. For those who knew me during my rugby playing days (along loooong time ago) you will recognise my entry under an old nickname. And for those who do not know me it is an enjoyable read. Another great example of co-creation and collaboration at its best.


UPDATE : Possibly a contender for the Blooker Prize.

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