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Listening to the radio while driving in from the airport last week I heard a quirky ad for a ‘parents guide to new media’. It was a 15 second sound bite that intrigued me. So I phoned the 1.800 number given out at the end of the ad. This turned out to be an automated answering machine so I left my postal details. The booklet titled ‘Get with IT!’ issued by the Internet Advisory Board of Ireland arrived today. It is all to easy to forget that those of us over 35 grew up in a pre-mobile phones, pre-computers and pre-internet age. This booklet is written for those parents who never had the opportunity to learn about these tools to share and understand the new media technologies that are an integral part of their childrens lives. Interesting initiative.

UPDATE : 14 to 21 Guardian/ICM poll results

UPDATE 2 : NYT joins the conversation


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