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I have been a regular visitor to the Asia Pacific region for the last 15 years. Over this time I have watched first hand the cubs grow into tigers and shared with them the economic, social and political growth pains. In many ways the region has become my home away from home. Alot of organisations have used open checkbooks in the mistaken belief that as ‘time is money they can fast track their way into the region’. You cannot buy relationships in Asia. You build them over time. And when I say time I mean decades. This is one of the most difficult concepts for organisations new to the region to grasp. You need to visit regularly, be genuine in your interest and reciprocate the hospitality. A new person from head office turning up once a quarter does not cut it. Those who are taking the time to genuinely build relationships will stand the test of time. Unfortunately looking around the region at the moment they are few and far between. Interesting times ahead.


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