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It is always good to hear new voices within the blogosphere which currently numbers circa 16m voices and growing daily. That makes it roughly the size of the Indian city Mumbai. David Sifry, founder of Technorati, was recently quoted as saying that ‘the number of blogs has been doubling every five months for the last three years’. As a result it has become increasing harder to find new voices over the last year. Technorati, PubSub and have all recently started providing their own top 100 lists which is a good start point. While currently based on links and traffic (best available rank criteria todate) rankings also based on tags will provide a much more useful search mechanism. One addition I would like to see is a downloadable OPML file accompanying these lists going forward. Most aggregators now offer OPML import support. As someone who has tried to find someone in Mumbai it would help greatly.

UPDATE : Chris Pirillo has launched – a tag meta-search engine.

UPDATE 2 : Mary Hodder has written a great post on social gestures here

UPDATE 3 : Robert Scoble joins the conversation here. Recommended reading.


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